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Dive Into the New Age of Fabrication Solutions

Our Services


Board Design

We deliver high quality assembled boards for the given schematic and design inputs. Our highly skilled engineers realize your ideas and delivers the boards within short period and competitive cost.

Our proven design processes and methodologies enables us to deliver the complex design on time to our customers.


Product Design and Development

We are specialists in innovative and cost effective Embedded Product development Technologies. We are passionate about High Quality and Timely Delivery of the Products.

Our differentiation comes from our unique expertise in Hardware, Firmware and Embedded Software coupled with the high end Design tools and relationship with FAB and Assembly houses.


Let's bring your idea to life.

Fast Interconnect was born with the goal to provide outstanding product design through the use of the latest design tools and highly experienced design team members at a reduced cost.


We are geared to help the person or company that has an idea but does not have the ability to move forward either through a lack of experience, funds or ability to do the design on their own.

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