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A PDF version of your schematic if we created one for you;once approved a PCB layout, parts placement drawing and mechanical drawing will be provided for your review and approval.

After your review and approval we will go forward and complete the design for you.

Next, you will see a PDF version of the layout for your review and approval.Upon final approval we will issue an invoice via Pay Pal and once payment is received you will be sent all of your native files as well as the PCB manufacturing and assembly files.

If at any time during the design process you need to make updates or changes, please let us know immediately so we can implement them for you. There may be additional cost associated with this depending on where we are in the process.

Changes can be made during the placement review and during the final design review stage. If the changes are extensive and require more than 2 hours to implement, there will be additional cost and you will be notified of this prior to the work being done.

Any changes made during the placement review cycle are free of charge and is a necessary step towards YOUR final product reapzation.

A well thought out project goes very smooth and is very cost effective.



Before we get started, we need a few things to help create your great idea.



  • A schematic or a requirements summary would be a good start. If you don’t have one, a very detailed description of what you want will help us understand your needs. Obviously the more information you provide the less costly the services will be.

  • A description of the functionality of your hardware, board or firmware/software or the product.

  • A description of the testing needed for your hardware, board or firmware/software or the product.

  • A description of what you imagine the board size to be. Non-helpful descriptions, such as “as small as possible” don’t apply. Try and give us a size in inches or millimeters.

  • Is it round? Is it square or rectangle? Something else?Does it fit into an enclosure or box? Send a drawing or sketch.

  • Does it need to be RoHS or Lead Free? This makes a difference in the board material call outs for the PCB fabrication.

  • Do you need impedance control? If you don’t know we can probably make a suggestion based on your schematic and BOM.

  • Do you have a Bill Of Materials (BOM) that you can share with us?

  • Do you have any data sheets that you want to send to us?

  • Do you have an idea as to where you need some critical parts placed on your design? Send us a drawing. A scanned file or DWG or DXF or GIFF or JPEG, etc. anything will be helpful.

  • Do you need any compliance testing to be conducted?



You will receive the PDF versions of the Schematics files and Bill of Materials for your hardware design review. Once that has been approved a PCB layout parts placement drawing and mechanical drawing for approval will be provided for your review and approval.


Once approved, we will go ahead and purchase the components, fabricate the PCB and assemble it. If firmware/software support is needed, we will integrate the firmware/software with the hardware and test it. You will receive the test report and test results. Upon approval of the test results, we ship the hardware proto-typing or Product to you with all the design files, User manuals and Test Reports.

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